Saturday, January 29, 2011

Play this, as you are reading this.

Your Guardian Angel? Who is it? Have they came, and gone? Are they still here? Are they even a person? Are they a pet? A friend? A family member? Are they the wind that knocked you down before you took your own life? Are they that smile which pulled you back to reality? Do you even have one?

We all are born with a divine sense of Good & Evil. So why do we alway's find ourselves making that "Evil" decision? Well were suppose to fall. Just as Adam did, but how many time's? Ask yourself. "How many time's am i going to fall before I finally get back up for good?" Ask yourself.

"I said i'd never leave, you'll never change, i'm not satisfied with where i'm at in life." "but all i ever wanted come's with a price." "You said, you said that you would die for me." "We made plans to grow old"

Will you grow old, or die before you time. Will you be what you were set out to be, or will you be the one person you alway's laughed at. The one you hated. The one you wanted to bring up. Bring back. Save. You cannot save anybody, but yourself.

"Am i suppose to be happy, when all i ever wanted, comes with a price."

Now this one. Listen.

You know exactly what your doing. Don't tell another tale. "Give me one more time around, Give me one more chance to see."
Some people don't get that luxury. So knowing this, why won't you take this chance when your "...on fire?"

"This Mystery."

-Lyric G