Saturday, January 29, 2011

Play this, as you are reading this.

Your Guardian Angel? Who is it? Have they came, and gone? Are they still here? Are they even a person? Are they a pet? A friend? A family member? Are they the wind that knocked you down before you took your own life? Are they that smile which pulled you back to reality? Do you even have one?

We all are born with a divine sense of Good & Evil. So why do we alway's find ourselves making that "Evil" decision? Well were suppose to fall. Just as Adam did, but how many time's? Ask yourself. "How many time's am i going to fall before I finally get back up for good?" Ask yourself.

"I said i'd never leave, you'll never change, i'm not satisfied with where i'm at in life." "but all i ever wanted come's with a price." "You said, you said that you would die for me." "We made plans to grow old"

Will you grow old, or die before you time. Will you be what you were set out to be, or will you be the one person you alway's laughed at. The one you hated. The one you wanted to bring up. Bring back. Save. You cannot save anybody, but yourself.

"Am i suppose to be happy, when all i ever wanted, comes with a price."

Now this one. Listen.

You know exactly what your doing. Don't tell another tale. "Give me one more time around, Give me one more chance to see."
Some people don't get that luxury. So knowing this, why won't you take this chance when your "...on fire?"

"This Mystery."

-Lyric G

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Year One: Guess what i made it.

You could say i love rolling on E. My gas tank is alway's empty. There is nothing left for me to be fueled by, but somehow i alway's come out on top.

My top may not be even close to what you would call "Coming out on top." Maybe i see the world from a view that you couldn't even comprehend. Maybe i'm different. Maybe i'll never change. What is "change?"cause to change; make different; cause a transformation I change everyday. Some transformation's are only for the setting i'm in. Some are for the spot i am in life. Some are because i would rather not be threatened with my own life. Some are because i'm smart enough to know how to act, because i have been there, or do not want to go there.

Water. How can one element of this world mean so much to us? We HAVE to have water to survive. It's the only thing in this world that keep's us going. Without it, we would surely die. If we did not consume this element daily we could not live. We could not be with our family's. We could not have joy in our everyday live's. We would suffer to death.

Locked away, the key has been thrown away. You are left with nothing, but hardened clay, molten sand, molten ore. There's a knocking at the door. You hear a murmur of a typical name. You hear yourself say that you are there that day. You retire back to your ore. You forget about the knocking at the door. You return to that place you call home. That place you cannot understand. The voice box sends out another message. You answer. You obey. You do everything it says. You eat when it calls. You rise to walk the halls. To study. To prayer. To excercise. Their is always a gloomy light in the air. You are never alone. Their is somebody always there. The dark figure, or the shiny star. Somebody. Somebody is alway's watching you. You are not alone. You never will be. You will always have somebody there for you. Somebody to hurt. Somebody to love. Somebody to break down. Somebody to build you back up. We all have everything we need. We all will only be given what we can handle. We all are perfect. We just do not know it yet. We are living our life that we chose. We knew what we were getting into. We are the last seed to walk this earth. We make it what it is. There is no telling right now how this all came to be, but soon we will all know how. How this world was created. How tree's grew to be tree's. How we could love like we all got our own cup. How we could walk on water everyday, and not realize it was the ground that was our water way. We were walking on it all along. Everything is pure if you can see it my way. If you lived another day, would you make it better then today? Would you cool it down a little? Or heat thing's up? Would you stop doing what you know is wrong? Would you stop getting after what it is that you love? Would you put your favorite piece of earth down? Would you say "i love you" just a few more time's to everyone? or would you have to say it to that one person you never said it to, cause you never said it? Are you shaking your head at the fact i'm writing this? If so i feel sorry for you. You need help.

You: is the second-person personal pronoun in Modern English

Need: a condition requiring relief.

Help: give help or assistance.

Want: desire: feel or have a desire for; want strongly

Isn't it funny how he/she always say's she "need's" you in his/her current condition that is requiring relief, but someone can give her the same relief, and in most cases someone else bring's the relief. It's just a condition. There's not ONE cure. Or when you ask him/her about their feeling's and he/she "want's" you. Want is a Desire. Desire is a Hope. Hope: expect, and wish.

Break down your life. See where it's going. Remember you have only one of your own, or for some of you who have many live's to watch over. Remember we all only have one. Spread peace, and love for your people, and that big man above. Your always under the spotlight. Whether you like it, or notice it. You are being recorded. You aren't any better then anyone else. Everyone is pure. There "someday" just might not be today, and you should be looking forward to tomorrow. It's going to be the best day of your life, cause you lived to see it. In the rain storm instead of staying dry, and never knowing what it feels like to be him. You stepped into the storm. You got all wet, and you lived to tell about the day it rained freedom. Freedom is rain. Rain is water, and you are too. Make it storm, i know better. I'm free. Blessing's from him, to me. Free.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

5 Months Since My Last Confession

It's been 5 short months. I have had many experiences. Many troubles. Many Great "thing's" happen. Most of all.

I am still here.

What more could you ask for then to ask God just to take you to heaven? Well i wouldn't. I would rather stay here, for now and work.

If i could i would make everybody happy. If i could i would give away all my money, if i had any. If i could i would fill up everyones drink to the top.

I cannot.

Have i failed? Hardly, i am only 20. Do i have any beverage to serve? Maybe a little. Do i have some money? Barely. Can i make everybody happy? In a sense, i can.

We take for granted everything good in our life. Daily i have been practicing, not, doing that. So far i have made some progress. Enough to brag about, yes, enough for a Nobel Peace Prize. Nope.

My short term memory seem's to be fading. My balance is just a bit off. I find myself to stumble a few time's a day. Why do you do that? Idk. I have came up with the most heart wrenching answers. Yet i still have not been to the doctor. Why not? Idk...

I thought i could type a lot, but my brain tricked me. I'm tired, losing it for the night.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dying inside, knowing it, but not being able to change.

I'm dying on the inside, like a slow cancer that is irreversible. You can only fight it for so long, it will act like it has gone away. Then suddenly out of thin air it's back, and worse then ever. They say Heroine users etc... When they quit doing those hard drugs, and go clean. They instead of having a tolerance to that drug. They get a negative tolerance so when they use that drug again, its worse then someone just starting there first time. Thats why you hear of people relapsing, overdosing, and dying. Well that's how my heart feels about that girl. I get a tolerance of her. I quit. I come back, and get hurt worse. I'm dying on the inside. I can't make this feeling go away. Theres no pill in the world that could permanently do what i need. No drug, no drink, no person. Maybe god, but that's not likely cause i must be ment for this pain, right? He will never give you a trial you cannot handle. Well this trial stinks. I'm dying inside, and nobody can help me.

Blocking, deleting, ignoring....oh the police.

If you don't want to speak to someone just tell them, and stick with it. How mature are we? If you don't like them, don't talk to them. If they bug you, let them know. If your ignoring them. Tell them why, and stick with it. I'm sick of all these immature people out there blocking people, deleting them, ignoring them, even calling the cops on them for the lamest things. What ever happened to calling someone up, and saying hey "leave me the *#($*#& alone?" but in a nice, respectful mature way? If someone took offense, then the offended needs to let the other know. Once upon a time a policeman would watch a fight til someone hit the ground then send them home. Now they pepper spray you, taze you a little, call the drug dog, blood test you, send you to a psychiatrist, then tell your parents. Am i exaggerating? Ha maybe if i lived 10 years ago.

This world is coming to an end.

The weather won't be consistent. It's may and the sun can't decide if its going to shine, it gets cold, hot, cold, ok, hot. The last days are near, and i think we all know it. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the weather isn't being consistent anymore. 5 years ago it would be 90 degrees right now. 3 years ago 75. 1 year ago 65. Now like 55 ish. When the end is near, you won't be able to tell what season it is. I couldn't tell you what season it is right now.

Protect your heart, but get a taste of the battle. Just don't waste it.

If you love someone tell them. If you are a girl, and think you shouldn't tell them your feelings. Screw that idea, and tell them how you feel. Guys can get swept off there feet too. I wish i had a girl come up to me, or call me, or text me, and spill her undying feelings for me. I would be the happiest kid in the world. I would probably feel what it was like to be in a womens shoes. No homo haha. Seriously though, if you think he's pushing you away on purpose, ask him why, and fix it. "He's" not always the man you wish he was. No man is that perfect, only french men are close to lady killers. So stop look at whats going on, do you see a pattern, a behavior that isn't normal? Is it fixable? Yes. Everything is and everything will be.


Or just scared of something so great that there afraid of losing it?

Player's eventually lose. There is no one that has never lost anything in there life. If you are reading this, and you think your the shiz cause your playing 5 girls, or 5 boys. Whoever you may be. I hate to break it to you, but your going to lose. Your no Hughe Heffner, or a Victoria Secret model. You are a PLAYER, and players ALWAYS lose. Don't take your chances. pick the dice with the same number on it, 1, not the one with 6 different risks, outcomes. Whatever it may be.
You would never set your heart on a table, put 5 bullets in your 6 shooter. Spin the revolver, and point it at your heart, and shoot hoping its the empty slot. The point is you would never pull someone elses heart out, and do as i just said. So don't play that game. It's not even a game. It's a deadly trait. Yes, it's a trait. A skill. It's anti.

Garrett Thompson Vanished Records

Monday, March 29, 2010

Always talk to god, never listen to cops.

"My mac is my life, why is yours a gun son? Why do you wanna be a bum? Get like this, get your gun. You'll never win you'll never be sprung, can't dilate your life if your eye's will never open son. Thats real, that's young. Go out in the tree's, get your gun. Not that gun son, the gun of your tongue. Remember me? I was that line of symmetry, negative next to that tree. Best believe that made me, Me. Characteristic's of a real MC, believe God is your line of symmetry. You'll always be him and he'll never be you, hell is not a place for you to grasp, and be glued. Forever, never under that gun. Hell is where murder's are from, not the gun. Believe, theres a son."

A story

-G Brady

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am 447 years old, what?

"Baby don't worry, you are my only, you won't be lonely! Even if the sky is falling down!" -Jay Sean

Well my sky is falling, i'm lonely, and i'm worrying. Bit's of days are awesome. Seeing family is awesome. Seeing the next generation of you taking his first steps, and keep on stepping is awesome. I can see 4 generations of people all at once. That is so nice. I have a better life then probably 60% of the world. So why do i dare complain? I shouldn't. I got it good. I have food on my plate everyday. I have a roof over my head. Heck i got warm water! My dad decided to put a new water heater in today. So the water in this house for sure will be hot for the remainder of this houses life. I got it good, if your reading this. You have it good. You have a computer. Kid's all around the world still dream of having a computer. They even dream of just using one. So i'm not going to say more then this.

My sky "feels" like it is falling. I "feel" lonely. I "feel" i got something to worry about.

Well those things i "feel" are no longer feelings. I call those feelings selfish. I am done being selfish in that area. That is not what, him, up above would want, its not what my parents would want, it's not what my friends would want. It's not what anyone in the right mind would ever want. So i won't stoop to that level. No one on earth deserve's that level. I don't care who you are, what you did, what color your skin is. You don't deserve it, so do not settle for less.

How old am i really? I swear i'm Hundred's of years old. I unlock new things within me everyday, and i know there nothing new to me. I think i'm Four Hundred and Fourty Seven.

How old are you? Ask yourself, maybe act that way plus 10 years. You might impress someone.

Negative writing is for sissy's. I'm not negative. I'm direct. I'm Blunt. I am Constructive Criticism. Ask me the truth about your situation. I will tell you. No lie.

-G Seriously Brady

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ramble, cause i need to.

I'm on a musical journey. Lemonade, its so simple and easy to make. Lemon Juice, Sugar, Water. Lemonade is life. You need 3 things.

Lemon Juice = A girl (Cause its sour, but essential) Once you get past the sour, and it sometimes burns your eye's. Your all good.

Sugar = Family, Friends, all the same, if, there true friends (There family)

Water = Your prayers. Even Lil' Wayne Prays. I'm sure that means you can, and he's doing one thing right. Life is easy, you just have to have the right ingredients.


If you can find happiness there. Your set. I'm set, get set. It's about time to go.

Thin ice. Your walking on it.

Don't test the ice to see how fragile it is. You wouldn't want someone to test how fragile you are. Yeah I'm tough, but I'm fragile too. I would be stupid not to be fragile in a way. Everything can be broken. Everything. Whether it is physical, mental, spiritual. Whatever it may be. You can surely break it. Lose it too. If you want to test how fragile i am, i surely will lose you. Don't do it. I would rather have you around, then HAVE to lose you. Yes "have" too. I about have to lose you. Your no good for me, you only crack me. I'm about to break. I'm about to step off that frozen lake.

This blog is going nowhere, but neither am I so i might as well.

I don't really have much to say tonight. I have felt all these emotions today, happy happy, sad, disappointed, chill, even emotionless. I'm numb. Save me before it becomes permanent. I need you. Yet i don't HAVE to have you. I'm realistic. There's more fish.

I'm young, very fly, coolest kid around, got plenty of friends, amazing family, but I'm no better then you. I promise.

I'm average, I'm you. Your me. So don't judge me. Your only judging yourself. If you say somebody is a bad person, your only saying your a good person. Your judging your own self as good, and them as bad. Sounds fishy to me.

I'm out, I'm rambling.

Freebird. Shorty.


GarrettBrady, Me.